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Yamseen Dr Nona

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Yamseen דר נונה לשינה טובה

שינה טובה הכרחית לבריאות טובה: פיזית, נפשית וקוגניטיבית. בשנים האחרונות הפרעות שינה מהוות תופעה כלל עולמית נפוצה למדי, ולפי ההערכות 95% מהאוכלוסייה סובלת מנדודי שינה בשלב כלשהו. כמוסת יאמסין מכילה פרג, אשר ידוע כמרפא עוד מימי המאה ה-9 לפנה”ס ביוון ואף סימל את אל השינה. לזרעי הפרג מיוחס תפקיד מרגיע והם ידועים כמשפרים את איכות השינה, במיוחד כאשר נדודי השינה הם על רקע של עצבנות וחוסר מנוחה. שילובם של זרעי הפרג עם עלי הפסיפלורה, אשר מסייעים גם כן בתחושת הרוגע ומתאימים במיוחד למצבים של עצבנות, חרדה ומתח, מסייעים בהתמודדות עם נדודי שינה וכל סוגי החרדות. רכיבים עיקריים: פרג, פסיפלורה, מליסה, מלח מים המלח.

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Dr Nona Imunseen Winter diseases are very common among the population. During this season viruses and bacteria are being transferred more easily between people due to prolonged time in closed rooms and lack of sufficient ventilation in the offices. Instructions for use: For children under the age of 6: 0.5-1...
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Dr Nona Face Milk

Dr Nona Face Milk Natural Anti Aging Moisturing Cleanser 250ml Dr Nona Face Milk is rich in plant extracts, natural moisturizing ingredients and mineral oil that serve as a carrier of the active ingredients to the site of action on the skin. Halo Face milk is especially beneficial for dry...
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Dr Nona Hand Nail Cream

Dr Nona Hand Nail Cream Nourishment for hands and nails. The cream provides a solution for dry hands and weak nails. The cream supplies hands and nails with moisture and protects them from dryness, cracks and other injuries. The cream is absorbed quickly and also strengthens nails over time. Halo...
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Dr Nona Halo Reumoseen

Dr. Nona Halo Reumoseen Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that causes inflammation in one or more joints. Pain caused by arthritis can limit your ability to function and perform simple activities such as walking. Studies indicate that Devil’s claw herb might relieve the symptoms of arthritis and muscle...
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Dr Nona Bath Salts Quartet

Dr Nona Bath Salts Quartet Dr. Nona’s bath salts give the effect of a dip in the Dead Sea and provide a combination of treatment for the body and soul. Our bath salts are rich in minerals and aromatic oils that soothe your skin and give you a feeling of...
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Dr Nona Beauty Mask For Face

Dr Nona Beauty Mask For Face A unique mud mask for smoothing wrinkles, removing signs of fatigue and accelerating blood flow in the skin and face. Deep skin cleansing and skin enrichment. A revolutionary mineral mud mask provides a complete face skin care solution. Our Dead Sea mud mask cleanses,...
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Dr Nona Newseen

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Dr Nona Phase 9 Herbal Infusion Dietary Supplemen Busy lifestyles, diseases, use of medications and vitamins & minerals deficiency are some of the most common reasons of hair loss and damaged skin and nails. L-Cysteine is an essential amino acid which is required for the synthesis of Keratin – the...
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About Us

The only Israeli company that develops, manufactures and sells supplements, cosmetics and perfumery.
The principles of the company are based on functional medicine - providing tools that allow a person to heal himself.
Functional medicine is the complementary medicine that helps conventional medicine..

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