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Dr Nona Solaris Body Lotion

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Dr Nona Solaris Body Lotion



This innovative body lotion gently soothes the skin, encourages cell renewal, provides overall protection and even helps treating various skin problems.

Regular use of Solaris body lotion helps minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, dark skin spots, pigmentation, cold sores cut marks and various burns.

It also relieves muscle and bone pain.

Solaris Body Lotion contains avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, lecithin and essential fatty acids.

It is easily absorbed by the skin and has the ability to bring back the glow and smoothness to the damaged skin.

Key ingredients:

Dead Sea salt, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera powder, Thyme oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary oil, Orange oil, Fruit extracts.

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Dr. Nona Explanation on Solaris Cream

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  • Tips About:


It is Important  to check the  Expiration Date.

Expiration Date: 07/22

  1. Restores skin after skin sores like acne
  2. Prevents skin lesions caused by different radiation factors
  3. Restores tissue after chemical and thermal burns
  4. Prevents burns during radiation treatment periods
  5. Effective for the treatment of increased pigmentation spots of the skin
  6. Relieves muscle aches
  7. Relieves bone pain
  8. Helps
    treat frostbite
  9. Helps to heal fast wounds and cuts in the skin
  10. Effective for absorbing scars after injuries and surgeries
  11. Excellent as a cosmetic cream for daily use.

Dead Sea Health Benefits

Dead Sea, Earth’s lowest elevation on land, attracts countless visitors for centuries. It
has incredible natural healing powers. People from around the world that have problems with rheumatism, psoriasis, and arthritis enjoy the magic of the Dead Sea to relieve the pain. 
Dead Sea is known as “Salt Sea” as well. It has high salt concentration, with 33.7% salinity in it (10 times higher than the Mediterranean Sea) and 26 essential minerals. A dozen of those minerals don’t even exist in any other ocean or sea. In addition, warm and sunny climate makes a wonderful atmosphere to stay and enjoy the lowest place on earth.

What Elements Make Dead Sea So Unique?

·      Magnesium: assists to generate energy and to make protein synthesis.

·      Zinc: stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin elasticity, encourages cell regeneration. It helps to prevent acne by improving milk secretion. Zinc is used as an anti-inflammatory, and more.

·      Potassium: helps to smooth and sleek a dry skin, fight acne, and regulate the heart rate.

·      Sodium: aids body’s metabolism and maintain fluids balance between the cells and the environment.

·      Calcium: plays an important role in protecting cells.

Strontium: prevents itching and soothes irritation in case of skin infection that may result from a regular use of synthetic cosmetic products.

·      Bromine: has soothing and healing powers for the skin.

·      Boron: helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and psoriasis.


Magical Powers of Dead Sea Mud

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